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Founder, co-CEO
Puzant Khatchadourian

Puzant is a New Yorker and a lover of pizza (as if those things weren't inseparable). A little more than fifteen years ago, an entrepreneurial notion came to him after walking into a cafeteria in New England, and seeing a rack of pre-cooked pizzas rotating under an oven lamp. The pizzas looked as though they had been sitting there since the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. In New York City, it's possible to find fresh pizza—good pizza—on just about every other city block, but what about the places where "pizza" means pre-packaged, additive-heavy, food from a freezer? Or soggy, luke-warm, deliveries from a franchise? He began to think about the amount of pizza that Americans eat every day, and he began to scribble figures on scraps of paper, and slowly an idea took shape: a machine, about the size of a soda dispenser, that could make fresh hot pizza to order, virtually from scratch, out of natural ingredients. The machine could be installed in airports, on Army bases, in hospitals. The more Puzant considered the idea, the more he began to invest himself in it, and soon enough he and a team of engineers were on their way to building their first successful prototype. Five machines for retail are now in production.
Puzant has been an entrepreneur since he came to America, fifty years ago. He was born in the Middle East and landed in New York, virtually penniless, at the age of twenty one—a Horatio Alger story waiting to be made. He found a job in New York's diamond district, and for most of his career worked there making jewelry, while also improving the way it's manufactured. He opened his first business, Puzant Jewelers, at the age of twenty seven; he later created a new company, Jaguar Casting, and it went on to cast jewelry for some of the world's leading retailers: Movado, Harry Winston, and Tiffany's, among others.
Puzant later branched out into other ventures, but Pizzametry is his most personal. It's given him a chance to work with many committed people to overcome immense technical challenges. He can't wait until you can try what they've cooked up.

President, co-CEO
John Kavazanjian

In February 2011, John became Pizzametry's President and co-CEO—after retiring as CEO of Ultralife Corporation, a leading manufacturer of power and communications systems. John was CEO at Ultralife for more than eleven years. During that time, the company grew from a struggling start-up into a business worth $180 million. Prior to Ultralife, John worked as an executive for several technology companies, including Xerox Corporation, Data General Corporation, and Digital Equipment Corporation. He is an alumnus of MIT, with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, and a graduate degree from MIT's Sloan School of Management.